Sanaa Lathun + Dej Loaf team up on Emotional

sanaa lathun dej loaf

So Sanaa Lathun sings? I did not know that:) but ok, yeah, let’s go…. my first thought was, “this should be interesting” if nothing else….How many people bumped Dej Loaf’s Sell Sole Mixtape for a good grip when it first came out? I can’t lie, i did…On My Own is my jam! 🙂 and these two ladies together actually pulled off some dope R&B in my opinion. The hook actually made me chuckle a little bit…. if that’s the correct word for inwardly amused and pleasantly surprised at Emotional (N*ggas)… Shout Out to Sanaa for stepping outside of her comfort zone! It’s always a plus when you can multi-task in this industry….Check it Out~

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