Millennium Jazz Music – Project Canada: OTR Vol​.​1


Check out this smooth release from Millennium Music. Project Canada: OTR vol.1 showcases some pretty sweet beatstrumentals that makes a dope vibratory mix for any chill day~ Enjoy

Label Love Vol. 5: The Jazz Edition

Label Love
Label Love consists of nostalgic jazz classics, unreleased gems, and exclusive selections compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe… each track plucked and presented by Jazz heads from Tru Thoughts Recordings, Impossible Ark Records, Gondwana Records, Jazzman Records, Edition Records, Katalyst Entertainment, Revive Music Group, and Basho Records.

Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra – Towards Other Worlds

Towards Other Worlds

Glad i decided to organize my digital notebook today….. I stumbled across this galactic afro-beat personification just chillin in my Evernote~ Released in December 2012, who knows when i saved it there…. in case of a music discovery drought, store links in different places to surprise yourself later…..then move Towards Other Worlds…first stop Future Ancestors ~

Etienne de la Sayette – I’m So Cool In Seoul

paris djs

My most relaxing discovery this week… a 2 piece at that, Im so cool in Seoul & Lord Bougainvillard by Etienne de la Sayette >>>> go be cool>>>

 Things starts with “I’m So Cool In Seoul”, the soundtrack to a very pleasant, relaxing road-movie. Close your eyes. You’re in a taxi, in the streets of Seoul, Korea. It’s the early hours, the day has just barely started. The sun is slowly rising to some deep, soul jazz funkyness. In the background you hear some Zimbabwean mbira…

When suddenly, out of nowhere, “Lord Bougainvillard” arrives on the scene.

The mbira is still playing, but the scenery has morphed into a kind of out of hand chamber afrobeat ‪paying homage to‬ an imaginary explorer.

Or is that Etienne de la Sayette messing with your mind?
Open you eyes. Play it again. Search for the details. It’s all in the details.

Out there.


Schleifen by Je$u$

Je$u$ aka Heyzus Kannibalismus is the German beatmaker behind this melodically vibrant instrumental presentation….meaning to sharpen or grind… The Schleifen EP is dope~


jazz jousters

Instrumental gem Jim’nastics, brought by The Jazz Jousters strumming with Jim Hall~ Enjoy these beatz in your downtime..or even in your commute to the trade…

Myele Manzanza flips Kimbra x Nina Simone ‘Plain Gold Ring’

Myele Manzanza
Let’s have a listen to the emission of creative perspective as we evaluate Myele Manzanza’s flip on Kimbra’s cover of Nina Simone’s ‘Plain Gold Ring’… but no judgement is necessary seeing as how it’s all a matter of perspective and everybody’s expression is valid~ Enjoy this flip meshed with a sample taken out of ‘R1’ from Jonathan Crayford’s solo piano album ‘Rita’s Blue River Stone’.

Now let’s visit Kimbra’s 2011 perspective live from sing sing studios.

Kimbra – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live at Sing Sing Studios) from Forum5 Recordings on Vimeo.

As we drift, we might as well enter the timelessness of art and the agelessness of the original classic… it’s all relative esthetics.