Travel Gang – Can’t Stay Here

Cant Stay Here

Check out the visuals for Travel Gang’s latest release Can’t Stay Here featuring Devin Keating! Word around the music web is that Cnoteshce & Devin are working on a fresh new collab EP!  If this new groove/teaser is any reflection of what’s to come, these rising independents should definitely be on your discovery music radar!! One take directed by  J Angel Visuals ..them Phantom 4 Pro views got the squad looking effortlessly epic over the landscape of good music~ iCrownDope

Ravyn Lenae – Moon Shoes

moon shoes

“Let’s put on our Moon Shoes….”i don’t want them thinking that we cannot function in crowds”… i think this is tight~

Sons Of Kemet – Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do


As if the name in itself isn’t intriguing enough, the music on this is truly euphoric jazz,….the genuine engagement of rhythm & sound… This musical offering…Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do starts off by introducing us to the thought connecting vibration In Memory Of Samir Awad. It was written to commemorate a Palestinian teen killed by Israeli forces as he fled their gunfire in 2013. …i love this group already and this is my first encounter with their music! In order to get a better understanding of how this group came to manifest and the meaning behind their insightfully selected name Sons Of Kemet listen & read here~You won’t be disappointed.

Sean C. Johnson – Mountains

Sean C Johnson Mountains

From the album Circa 1993 available now on bandcamp,  Mountains is a hip hop neo-psalms gospel soul song delivered by Sean C. Johnson to take you higher. The vocals are smooth and the instrumental soundscape is on point. This brother can sing and even spits floetics. His voice kinda reminds me of Anthony Hamilton in a way on this one….and of course i love me some Mr Hamilton… so that makes this a win win~Enjoy

Listen to CozyMag Mix: 005

CozyMag Mix: 005

An excellent mix of future soul & ambient music assimilated by London based producer Melo-Zed… ..come bask in the abundance of some really intriguing voices for your cozy moods~Enjoy

D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s Black Messiah is here

black messiah

You know that feeling that you get when you’re just cruising through cyberspace not really expecting too much of anything to standout in anyway whatsoever and just before you hit that close button, you come across a post that makes you say….hold up, wait a minute, whaaaaaaaat?? Are you sure?? So D’Angelo really dropping a whole album on iTunes at midnight and it’s called Black Messiah?? I think that just made me feel some type of way… i just might have to stay up tonight… needless to say i fell asleep..but i woke up this morning like yep..first things first! Go cop that new D’Angelo! The chef who cooked up & served us with a melodic slice of the devil’s pie is back to the future in rare form once again. You see, some people take forever to come out with a album but that’s ok like Sade..real music is well worth the wait…Voodoo was so damn dope, it needed a part 2 for real..the 2nd coming.. D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Black Messiah is out now on iTunes…Go get it!