Millennium Jazz Music – Project Canada: OTR Vol​.​1


Check out this smooth release from Millennium Music. Project Canada: OTR vol.1 showcases some pretty sweet beatstrumentals that makes a dope vibratory mix for any chill day~ Enjoy

Professor Brian Oblivion – The Dark Realities Of The Moment

 The Dark Realities Of The Moment
Stream this time machine graffiti dream instrumental audio scene…with traces of golden era hip hop laced in funk, rock, jazz and world styles, The Dark Realities Of The Moment was composed entirely from vinyl records, using an MPC 2000XL, 2 Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables and a Stanton SK-2F mixer. All beats, cuts and scratches were produced and performed by Professor Brian Oblivion. The album artwork and design were created by Jacques Dupoux.

The Seshen

The Seshen

From Light…. broken into Pieces…. turned Upside Down….. through Broken Lines…. entered into Static…. in a Time Of War… from the Night Sky…. into Oblivion… they Left…. to the Otherside…. their reflections on Canvas…. and good music~

Ras Terms (Ogbono soup)


The art of Ras Terms aka Terockatron set to the backdrop of Ogbono Soup which can be found on a Hot Plate Special by Prof.Logik. Yeah the artistry is dope in all aspects!

The Beatfonics Crew – Beatxploitation

The Beatfonics crew dropped this Beatexploitation concept of instrumentals back in April. Check it out on bandcamp and download it for free on tumblr.  “For their seventh volume The Beatfonics Crew wanted to explore the world of Blaxploitation movement, an African-American film genre that emerged in the United States in the ‘70s”… this Volume takes to task the art  of capturing the vibrations of the music genres that carried those films and commences to infuse it with it’s own creative expression.

Myele Manzanza flips Kimbra x Nina Simone ‘Plain Gold Ring’

Myele Manzanza
Let’s have a listen to the emission of creative perspective as we evaluate Myele Manzanza’s flip on Kimbra’s cover of Nina Simone’s ‘Plain Gold Ring’… but no judgement is necessary seeing as how it’s all a matter of perspective and everybody’s expression is valid~ Enjoy this flip meshed with a sample taken out of ‘R1’ from Jonathan Crayford’s solo piano album ‘Rita’s Blue River Stone’.

Now let’s visit Kimbra’s 2011 perspective live from sing sing studios.

Kimbra – “Plain Gold Ring” (Live at Sing Sing Studios) from Forum5 Recordings on Vimeo.

As we drift, we might as well enter the timelessness of art and the agelessness of the original classic… it’s all relative esthetics.

“Nina Simone” – Spray Paint on Canvas

Nina SimoneOne of a kind Dope Art by Ray Ferrer..spray painted.. emotions on Canvas.. Empress Nina Simone ♚

"Nina Simone" – Spray Paint on Canvas by Me…..