Millennium Jazz – Locations: USA

Locations USA

Sure to be a vibration pleaser, Millennium Jazz is back with the Jazz Jousters in Locations: USA! Check out the teaser mix and Pre-Order the Vynl + Cassette now and get the instant download~ Enjoy

The Seshen

The Seshen

From Light…. broken into Pieces…. turned Upside Down….. through Broken Lines…. entered into Static…. in a Time Of War… from the Night Sky…. into Oblivion… they Left…. to the Otherside…. their reflections on Canvas…. and good music~

SmokedBeat – The Jazz Jousters Sessions #2

smokedbeat sessions 2

The eloquence of architecture… ambiance and space…. rolled in a beat tape…. and Smoked….The Jazz Jousters Sessions #2 release is up on bandcamp! This collection opens with an exclusive track featuring the artist ‘We Be Digi’ …that delight is followed by all of the SmokedBeat instrumentals released in the last year… can also enjoy the rest of the Millennium Jazz & Hip Hop Experience>>>Here

Aso – Love Journey

Love Journey

New and amazing instrumental art variations created by hip hop/soul/jazz producer Aric Ogle better known as Aso. Brought to us by way of the ever innovative Mellow Orange, this 22 track Name Your Price free will offering shall not disappoint. You are sure to find more than a few precious stones on here~ Current mood “Everlasting”, “Summer Nights” & “Northern Lights”. Chill-Out n Enjoy ~

Locations: Nigeria – Cassette + Download

locations nigeria 37

Did all of my spring cleaning to this Jazz Jousters mix 37. You can get this “low noise ferric tape cassette in a transparent shell and case with a Fully coloured label on both the A and B sides and a Fully coloured inlay card with artwork by James Greenway.” or just stream it on bandcamp and enjoy~ either way support good music! befits the Crown. It’s the Dope~