BamaLoveSoul – On Deck 2 (sampler)

On Deck 2

A dope cu-ration of future soul classics for the new b-boy generation, eclectically collected for you by way of Preview & Pre-Order here.

Giant Step’s Sonic Boom

sonic boom vol 3
Seeing as how Sonic Boom Vol 4 hits bandcamp on Jan 28th, it’s only fitting to get u caught up on the previous installment while simultaneously soliciting your earlobes for the upcoming release. Vol 3 is currently rotating in our lab’s music business office music playlist entitled “perfect for the office”’s the dope.. new age, current, electronic, jazz and soul for your good mellowed out vibrations. Compiled in a series of “new or exclusive material from a myriad of artists of different genres” ~Eye know you’ll Enjoy It~ so keep your lobes open for Giant Step’s impeccable tastemaking. It’s

Stacy Epps – Begin Again

Stacey Epps

Got this in my email.. New Music + Love = AURA. “Begin Again” is the second single from the upcoming AURA EP set to be released 14 Feb