Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra – Towards Other Worlds

Towards Other Worlds

Glad i decided to organize my digital notebook today….. I stumbled across this galactic afro-beat personification just chillin in my Evernote~ Released in December 2012, who knows when i saved it there…. in case of a music discovery drought, store links in different places to surprise yourself later…..then move Towards Other Worlds…first stop Future Ancestors ~

D’Angelo and The Vanguard’s Black Messiah is here

black messiah

You know that feeling that you get when you’re just cruising through cyberspace not really expecting too much of anything to standout in anyway whatsoever and just before you hit that close button, you come across a post that makes you say….hold up, wait a minute, whaaaaaaaat?? Are you sure?? So D’Angelo really dropping a whole album on iTunes at midnight and it’s called Black Messiah?? I think that just made me feel some type of way… i just might have to stay up tonight… needless to say i fell asleep..but i woke up this morning like yep..first things first! Go cop that new D’Angelo! The chef who cooked up & served us with a melodic slice of the devil’s pie is back to the future in rare form once again. You see, some people take forever to come out with a album but that’s ok like Sade..real music is well worth the wait…Voodoo was so damn dope, it needed a part 2 for real..the 2nd coming.. D’Angelo and The Vanguard – Black Messiah is out now on iTunes…Go get it!

New Nikki Jean – Champagne Water EP [Download]


Been patiently waiting for some new melody mastery from the ever talented Nikki Jean? You remember that enchanting vocal vibration from Lupe Fiasco’s classic joint Hip Hop Saved My Life right? Of course you do…so you might as well head on over to soundcloud and quench your thirst with a fresh collection of Champagne Water! The title track of this smooth groove EP features a spotlight guest appearance from the one and only AB Soul and the 6 piece ensemble as a whole is a far too generous good will offering just for you…go get it for free!


Jhené Aiko: “Behind The Seen” Documentary


Behind  The Seen perceived persona ~ Up Close & Personal with Jhené Aiko [mini Documentary] Souled Out is out Now! Support this soul~

Mara TK – Run (away from the valley of fear)

mara tk

So this was put up on soundcloud about 4 years ago…I don’t know why i never heard it but it’s DOPE! Have you heard it? If not, here’s your iLatePass~ Mara TK delivers soul with an intense ambiance away from the Valley Of Fear – RUN…

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute – Long Live The King [Dj Jaycee Mixtape Download]

Michael Jackson - Long Live The King

Michael Jackson was born August 29th 1958…Check out the well respected mix master DJ Jaycee as he pay’s tribute to the KING! There’s a Free download/stream on soundcloud that’s perfect for your morning rise! Enjoy~ …& Trust me it’s tight:)


jazz jousters

Instrumental gem Jim’nastics, brought by The Jazz Jousters strumming with Jim Hall~ Enjoy these beatz in your downtime..or even in your commute to the trade…

A Plethora of Smooth Grooves on ‘Smoked Mood Volume 2’

Smoked Mood Volume 2

Millennium Jazz Music just released SmokedBeat’s almost 2 year’s in the making, follow through “Smoked Mood Vol 2“. I love how Millennium infuses the art of jazz and hiphop to promote and elevate the art of beat making through the producers and musicians…at 20 tracks deep, and a “name your price” free will offering, “Smoked Mood Vol 2” features vocals from the likes of Mennel Sullivan, Lizzy Parks, Calline, Plaisir and Awakening Dawn, as well as Guitar from Freak Motif guitarist Stu Wershof, and additional drums by Mr Tam. All of the tracks were produced, mixed and arranged by SmokedBeat and mastered by Gadget at The Audio Dojo. Big Up to SmokedBeat for this unique instrumental masterpiece of beats and vocal vibes… my personal quick pick favorites on this release are tracks 2, 8, 9, 10, 16, & 17..Enjoy~

Marvin Gaye x Mos Def = Yasiin Gaye (Official Teaser Video)

Must have Mash up or better yet duet~ taken straight from bandcamp where Yasiin Gaye – Inner City Travellin’ Man’ is a free download..”Amerigo Gazaway’s new *Soul Mates* series continues the theme of his previous work in creating collaborations that never were. On the series’ first installment, the producer unites Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (Formerly Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye”. Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, Gazaway re-orchestrates the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s dense raps and Gaye’ soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality far closer to Gaye’s famous duets than that of a “mashup” album.”